A Beginner's Guide - What To Wear To Yoga Class

Have you recently discovered a love for yoga or you are heading to your first class ever? If so, we are really excited for you! If you have also wondered what to wear for yoga, then this page may help to manage your expectations and give you a guide on what to wear.

Tip #1: Be You, Dress For You

Yoga is all about you. Whether you are in more of a restorative yoga or a vinyasa yoga kind of mood, or anything in between, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable (physically and emotionally) with whatever you choose to wear. 

Tip #2: Dress For Movement

Be prepared to flow. Choose an outfit that will not restrict your movement, since many types of yoga often requires moving, stretching and twisting in some way or another. Our creamy-soft Nkd collection is designed for this purpose.

Tip #3: Avoid distractions

Avoid any restrictive or uncomfortable garments as they can be distracting and take you out of the moment. If you are attending a yoga class that involves constant movement between poses (i.e. Power yoga or Ashtanga), consider pieces that are flexible and will move with you while keeping you covered. 

Tip #4: What about my feet?

You want to practice yoga barefoot to fully connect your feet to the mat. It ensures better balance and helps you get a better feel for how your body moves throughout your practice.