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The Vayumudra Ambassador Program is designed to build, support and grow a global yoga community of inspirational and everyday yogis who use their passion for yoga to elevate their own communities. Our main objective with this program is to help increase the awareness and benefits of yoga around the world, which is why we would like to hear from any yogi, regardless of location or skill level. 

As a Vayumudra ambassador, you are an essential part of the global #vayumudratribe yoga community, believe in our mission and vision, and will share your involvement with your yoga community on social media and in everyday life. 

Are you interested? Please send an email to with subject line "Ambassador Application" and include:

- Brief story about yourself and your yoga journey

- Where you are from

- Instagram handle

Please note that having an Instagram account is required since this is where the #vayumudratribe lives.

Once your application is received, we will be in touch within 1-2* business days.