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| Grip Yoga Mat | 

PU natural rubber yoga mat with the Downdog friendly grippy surface! It's a "no-slip" surface, both wet and dry, which makes it optimal for a hot yoga class. The 4 mm thick yoga mat, has the perfect amount of cushioning for floor poses, and still optimal thickness to keep balance. The PU natural rubber material makes it a slightly "heavier" yoga mat, which is why it's coming together with an off-white Vayumudra canvas shoulder bag.

- PU Natural rubber
- Black
- Vayumudra logo on the top front
- No-slip, wet or dry
- Cushioned rubber backing
- Antimicrobial
- Easy to wipe clean
- Dimensions: 61cm X 183cm (24" X 72"), 4mm (0.16")
- Weight 2.5kg (5.5lb)

Off-white canvas shoulder bag included

Care instructions
- Clean yoga mat with a wet towel after each usage.
- The PU natural rubber has a slight smell that fades over time.


- Only available to purchase in Europe and North America.

- Not available for free shipping. UPS shipping is required.